We don't know of any new parents who wouldn't love a bundle of home cooked meals arriving at their doorstep. New parents can barely sleep - this package makes sure that they can eat!


-French Bistro Style Chicken Pot Pie (8"/725g, serves 3-4)

-Lasagna with Naturally Raised Quebec Beef, Three Cheeses and Fresh Thyme (750g, serves 2-3)

-Feast Chicken Noodle Soup (serves 2-3)

-Korean Beef with Matchstick carrots and fresh green onions in soya-sesame sauce (not spicy) (medium, serves 1-2)

-Chicken Blanquette with cranberries, leeks, potatoes, white wine and cream (675g, serves 2-3)

-Macaroni + 3 Cheeses (medium, serves 1-2)

-Classic Shepherd's Pie (large, serves 3-4)

-Secret Spiced Sweet Potato and 3 Bean Chili (900ml, serves 2-3)


All frozen meal packages are packaged in a reusable thermal bag/s.

New Parents Rescue Meal Package / Lg

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