About Dana Shortt

“Ever since I was a girl, I have been passionate about cooking, baking, and of course, eating. I grew up in a family that believes food is a pleasure to be enjoyed, so we made every meal an opportunity to savour the taste of delicious food.

As a chef, I am convinced that being passionate about taste makes all the difference. It means creating an experience that starts with a taste and ends with a memory. It’s my passion, for you to enjoy.”

More about Dana Shortt

Dana Shortt, owner and founder of Dana Shortt Gourmet, received her formal culinary training at George Brown College. Along with her Culinary Management Diploma, she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Food Administration from the University of Guelph.

Both of Dana’s parents were self-employed so she knew from an early age that she wanted to create her culinary business from the group up, but before starting her own business, Dana worked for several of Toronto’s top catering companies, including Catered Affare and Dish Cooking Studio. She has also taught and assisted cooking classes at venues in Toronto, including the Upstairs at Loblaws Cooking School, and Dish Cooking Studio.

Dana has been honoured as a recipient of several industry awards and most recently received the top honour at the annual national Mompreneur Awards, where Dana received the Award of Excellence.