Blood Orange Olive Oil

Bright and zesty, this olive oil is made with the fresh oil extract of Italian blood oranges. Piquant but never pithy or bitter, it is clean, citrusy, and almost exotic in aroma. Its versatile flavor profile and fruit forward aroma make this oil a staff and customer favorite.


Blend with our Cinnamon Pear balsamic for a knockout salad dressing, marinade and sauce. Or try it with our Cara Cara Orange + Vanilla balsamic vinegar (we call this our “creamsicle” pairing) and drizzle over salad, or yogurt and fruit. It’s also delicious when paired with Sicilian Lemon white balsamic vinegar and used to marinate chicken, duck or fish.




- Use in baking as a replacement for vegetable oil in muffins, cakes, cookies and bread recipes

- Dress a salad with arugula, sliced oranges, feta cheese and pine nuts

- Drizzle onto winter fruit salads - try citrus fruits, honey & mint

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