You wanted spice, so we are bringing the heat with this one. A pie fit for the Islands - chicken, rice, peas and sweet potato with a traditional Caribbean jerk sauce, all wrapped up in flaky pastry.

Filling: chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, onion, peas, spices.

Pastry: flour, lard, egg, vinegar, salt.

5" pie (serves 1-2 depending on desired portion size)

Sharman's Proper Pies all started at their local farmers market in 2017. They knew Toronto needed to be introduced to British pie culture and after selling pies to their family and friends, this thought was confirmed. The city was missing out and needed to be in on our secret. Thus, Sharman’s Proper Pies was born and they've been selling delicious savoury pies ever since. Sharman’s is proud to support local farmers and suppliers in order to bring the highest quality of locally sourced ingredients in each and every pie.

Sharman's Proper Pies - The Spicy Jerk Pie

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