When only the finest will do, these gourmet grazing boxes are perfect for special events such business events and meetings, open houses, holiday parties, and more.

 This beautiful spread of charcuterie is all wrapped up in a box that serves 12 -15 and includes:

 - Saint Agur Blue Cheese: a creamy blue cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk in the village of Beauzac from the mountainous French region of Auvergne.

 - DSG+G Sundried Tomato + Pesto Cheese Torte: a multi-layered cheese torte with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, cream cheese and goat cheese. Dana’s favourite!

 - Maple Pecan Chili + Icewine Cheese Torte:  Our top selling cheese torte combines the addictive combination of cream cheese, Certified VQA Niagara Peninsula ice wine, fresh pecans and Snyder’s local maple syrup.

 - Black Truffle Gouda: A cow’s milk gouda deliciously studded with black truffles. Uniquely aromatic and often thought of as a cheese to be saved for special occasions.

 - Caramelized Onion Cheddar:  Richly aromatic with tasty caramelized onion bits and a beautiful marbled appearance. 

 - Aged Beef:  Imported from Spain, this meat is the more expensive cut of beef which concentrates flavour while reducing the moisture content and tenderizing the meat.

 - Spicy Gypsy Salami: Created using coarse ground pork and a blend of spices which is then wood-smoked and air-dried.

 - Lachsschinken: This locally made delight is a lean, double-smoked and thinly sliced pork loin.

 - Kaiser Salami: A traditional and delicious mild salami that is sure to impress. When sliced, it has a stunning floral shape as a result from its netted casing.

 - 34⁰ Rosemary Crisps: A touch of rosemary gives these crisps a light and fresh taste without overwhelming the palette.

 - Lesley Stowe Fig and Olive Raincoast Crisps: Combining the salty taste of Kalamata olives with the sweet taste of succulent Californian figs, these crisps provide the perfect delivery system for any cheese.

 - Backyard Honey Company Lemon-Licious Honey: A locally produced honey which is the perfect compliment to the St. Agur Blue.

 - Kozlik’s Balsamic Fig and Date Mustard: Savoury and sweet flavour of fruits, balsamic vinegar, sherry and vanilla, and perfect with the cured meats.

 - Classic Gherkins: With a traditional crunch and tang, pickles cut through the richness and fattiness of your favourite cheeses to refresh your palate.

 - Pitted Olives: Vibrant green, round olives with a distinctive nutty, briny flavour.

 - Medjool Dates: a rich, caramel-like taste with a soft and chewy texture.

 - Dried Apricots: Bright orange apricots with a mild sweet and tangy flavour.

 - Seasonal Fresh Fruit: Rounds out and counterbalances this rich assortment of flavours.


Dana Shortt opened her prepared foods shop in 2004 with the goal of bringing elevated comfort food home. Our kitchen team prepares all of our dishes from scratch and with care, using only the best quality ingredients and working with local farms throughout the seasons.

Gourmet Grazing Box for 12-15

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