Braised lamb with potatoes, onions, carrots and peas in a flavorful yet mild curry sauce. Flakey, all butter double crust pastry.

Pastry: butter, flour, water, sugar, salt, egg.

Filling: diced tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice, basil, salt, citric acid). leg of lamb, potatoes, onions, chicken stock, peas, carrots, butter, lime juice (water, concentrated lime juice, sulfites, lime oil), tomato paste, garlic, salt, chili peppers, herbs and spices.

Contains: wheat, egg, milk, sulphites.

5” – 300 grams (serves 1-2 depending on desired portion size)

All of The Pie Commission’s pies are made in-house, from scratch and are free from preservatives. There are no processed food products in any of the pies. The pastry ingredients are butter, flour, water and a pinch of salt and sugar. Pies are hand-made and immediately frozen. Fillings are cooked naturally with no added sugars or preservatives. Stocks are all made in-house, from scratch.

The Pie Commission - Lamb & Vegetable Curry Pie

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