Every effort is made to include all the items as listed. In the event that a product is sold out or short shipped, a product of equal or greater value will be substituted to complete your order.

 Send a snack party to the whole office, with something for everyone to enjoy! Includes:

 - Blue corn tortilla chips

- Gourmet salsa

- Dana's melt-in-your-mouth shorttbread

- Raincoast crisp crackers

- Brie cheese

- Savoury jelly for cheese

-Savoury cheddar traditional shortbread cookies

- Kettle chips

- Reid's cajun crunch 

- Reid's assorted sea salties

- Reid's 1/4lb mixed nuts 

- Reid's 1/2lb Milk Chocolate Tortoises

- Toblerone shortbread cookies

- A 1/2 lb box of assorted mint smoothie chocolates from Rheo Thompson Candies

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