Cooking for one can be no fun! Ease someone's burden with some home cooked meals -a great gift for seniors, persons recovering from illness (or the loss of a loved one). Preparation is a snap - just heat the classic comfort-food dishes in the oven and serve.


- Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pot Pie (300g, serves 1)

Classic Meat Lasagna (415g, serves 1)

- Macaroni + 3 cheeses (small, serves 1)

- Southwest chicken bake (small, serves 1)

- Braised Beef Rib Pie (300g, serves 1)

- Pizza - Quebec Brie and Cranberry with Leeks and Grainy Mustard (300g, 2 servings)

- Potato Bacon Soup (900ml, 2-3 servings)

 All frozen meal packages are packaged in a reusable thermal bag/s.

Gourmet Meals for One Meal Package / Med

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