This gift box is filled with lots of Dana's bestselling items, so it's sure to be a hit! Includes:


- Dana's melt-in-your-mouth luscious lemon shorttbread

- Dana's red wine + black pepper biscotti

- Gourmet milk chocolate toffee pretzels

- A box of Reid's milk chocolate tortoises

- Reid's milk chocolate pretzels

- Rheo Thompson assorted mint smoothies

- Reid's cajun crunch

- Barrie's Asparagus multigrain and chia crisps

- Raincoast crisps

- Brie

- Red pepper jelly 

- Heritage Crunch caramel corn, pretzels + potato chips

- Giant milk chocolate peanut butter cup

- Toblerone shortbread

- Rheo Thompson hostess mints

Dana's Bestsellers Gift Box - Large Shopify

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