Our Cranberry Pear white balsamic vinegar is violet in color, highlighting the natural cranberry fruit kissed with a small addition of delicate pear purée, which adds a wonderful body and mouthfeel to this vinegar. The fruity, sour, and tangy notes of cranberries paired with the sweetness of the pear purée give this fruit vinegar a distinctive and bright flavor.

Mix it with Blood Orange, Lemon, or Persian Lime olive oil for a fantastic salad dressing, or flavourful drizzle over yogurt and fresh fruit. A customer and staff favorite!


  • Blend with our Persian Lime olive oil and stir into yogurt, top with granola and fresh fruit
  • Pour over fresh fruit salad
  • Drizzle onto poached or baked pears
  • For a delicious salad dressing – mix Blood Orange olive oil and drizzle over mixed greens, dried cranberries, sliced pears and goat cheese
  • Add it to sautéed apples and pears before serving over roasts, or mix it with any braised meats
  • Gently reduce by half over medium-low heat and use as a glaze for poultry or ham, or drizzle over cheesecake for a decadent treat
  • Add a splash to cocktails – try it in a Cosmopolitan or a Sea Breeze

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The Pristine Olive - Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Vinegar

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