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 A perfect way to sample Dana Shortt Gourmet and Gifts bestselling products. This handsome wicker basket includes:


- Reid Assorted Sea Salties

- Reid Milk Chocolate Tortoises (1/2lb)

- Reid Fancy Mixed Nuts (1/4lb)

- Rheo Thompson Assorted Mint Smoothie (1/2lb)

- Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothie Coffee (1/4lb)

- Roothams Red Pepper Jelly

- Brie

- Cranberry + Hazelnut Raincoast Crisps

- Sable + Rosenfeld Olive Bruschetta

- Wicked Savoury Cheddar Traditional Shortbread

- Barrie's Asparagus Chia Crackers

- DSG Luscious Lemon Shortbread

- DSG Red Wine + Black Pepper Biscotti

- Toblerone

- Abokichi Chili Miso

- Chef Scott Moonshine BBQ Sauce

Artisan Eats

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