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Tender chunks of chicken breast with carrots, potatoes, peas and onions encased in flaky pastry. A comfort food classic!


5" pie: serves 1

9" pie: serves 3-4 (depending on desired portion size)


Filling: chicken breast, water, carrots, potatoes, peas, onions, flour, salt, worcestershire (vinegar, water, molasses, glucose-fructose, onions, anchovies, salt, garlic), spices.

Pastry: flour, lard, water, egg, vinegar, salt.


To Cook Pot Pies on the BBQ:
1.      Turn on one side of the bbq to medium-high heat & preheat to 400F.
2.      Place a baking sheet on the side of the grill which is off, then place the pot pie on top of the baking sheet.
3.      Close the lid & cook pie for about 45 minutes, let stand off the heat for 10 minutes & serve. It is recommended to check the pie after about 20 minutes or so, adjust the temperature if necessary. If the pastry is getting too dark in places, place a piece of tinfoil overtop.

Chicken Pot Pie

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