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Enjoy the flavour of s'mores any time this summer with this delicious dessert pizza from St. Jabob's based Those Pizza Guys. This decadent pizza is chock full of chocolate and marshmallows with a sprinkling of honey graham crackers.

Ingredients: 00-Flour, pizza flour, salt, water, sugar, yeast, olive oil, chocolate chips (may contain milk), honey graham crackers, marshmallows (contains corn starch and pork gelatin)

Serves 2 -3 depending on desired portion size

Made locally in St Jacobs, Ontario

Those Pizza Guys is a wood fired pizzeria in the quaint village of St Jacobs, Ontario. After operating as a mobile wood fired pizzeria for 5 seasons TPG have finally achieved the dream of opening a brick and mortar location. All of their pizzas are made by hand with fresh, high quality ingredients.

Those Pizza Guys - S'mores Dessert Pizza
898 1478

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