Peach White Balsamic Vinegar

Our true-to-fruit Peach balsamic epitomizes the flavors of freshly picked, ripe peaches immersed in the highest quality white balsamic. A flavor explosion of fruity and sweet sensations coupled with floral overtones and just a touch of acidity, it can be used in numerous applications.

Pair it with Herbes de Provence or Tuscan Herb olive oil to dress a fresh summer salad. Or try it with any citrus olive oil and drizzle over fruit salad or sorbet.


  • Gently reduce by half over medium-low heat (it will become thick like honey); then drizzle over goat cheese on crackers
  • Blend with our Herbes de Provence olive oil and drizzle over a salad of mixed greens, peaches, goat cheese, and almonds
  • Use to glaze roasted pork tenderloin; serve with grilled fruits
  • Drizzle over fresh fruit salad
  • Drizzle over ice cream or citrus sorbet
  • Stir into sparkling water for a delicious all-natural seltzer
  • Add a splash to your favourite cocktail - try it in a Mimosa or Bellini!

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