Creme de la Creme Gift Basket

Make an impression with this grand wicker basket that is filled with customer and staff favourites, including:

  • Dana’s red wine and black pepper biscotti
  • Dana’s melt-in-your-mouth classic butter shorttbread
  • 200 ml bottles of Dana’s Tuscan herb olive oil and traditional balsamic vinegar
  • 2 drizzler corks for the bottles
  • imported cheese biscuits
  • farmhouse pancake + waffle mix
  • local maple syrup
  • Settlement Co. coffee
  • multigrain chia crisps
  • roasted red pepper dip
  • blue corn and flax tortilla chips
  • mango lime salsa
  • olive oil crackers
  • brie cheese
  • savoury compote for cheese
  • oatcakes
  • a ¼ lb of Reid’s fancy mixed nuts
  • a ½ lb box of Reid’s assorted sea salties
  • a ½ lb box of assorted mint smoothies from Rheo Thompson Candies
  • Rao’s Italian marinara sauce
  • gourmet pasta
  • Chef Scotty's signature Oatshine barbecue sauce
  • coconut chips
  • sunflower seed somersault snacks
  • toblerone shortbread cookies

*This product is available for local deliveries ONLY*

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