Country Cottage Gift Basket

This gift is sure to make a lasting impression. The hammered copper-plate beverage tub features a hinged handle and comes with a co-ordinating tin ice scoop and is packed with:


- Walter's Caesar Mix 

- a large bottle of Lighthouse Lemonade (makes 7 L)

- oatshine BBQ Sauce

- 1/2 pound box of Rheo Thompson Milk Chocolate Mint Smoothies

- a dozen of Dana's Muskoka maple shorttbread

- backyard BBQ potato chips

- parmesan artichoke dip mix

- multigrain chia crisps

- brie cheese (does not need to be refrigerated until opened)

- a box of cheese melt crackers

- a package of cocktail napkins

- hand-decorated cookie duo


  • $230.00
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