This is Grandmama's original recipe for scrumptious, buttery waffles using non-alcoholic beer in the batter instead of milk. These waffles are great on their own or serve them with fresh whipped cream and maple syrup, top them with fried chicken or stuff them with ice cream for the ultimate ice cream sammy!

Ingredients: enriched unbleached flour, non alcoholic beer, whole eggs, sweetened soya milk (water, soybeans, sugar), sugar, butter (cream, salt), baking powder, salt.

Contains: milk, egg, soy.

500 gram box, contains 4 jumbo sized waffles

Grandmama's Waffles began selling waffles out of the front of a cell phone repair shop on Queen Street in Toronto. They began selling frozen waffles to get through the pandemic lockdowns and now their little waffle shop has transformed into a little waffle factory. Whether fresh or frozen, our waffles are made with the love and attention only a Grandmama can give.

Grandmama's Waffles - 4 Jumbo Waffles

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