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Dana's favourite!

Flatbread style pizza layered with bechamel, lean Quebec ground lamb, eggplant, red pepper and tangy goat cheese. If you enjoy Greek Moussaka you will love this pizza!


Ingredients: Multigrain flatbread (enriched wheat flour, water, sunflower seeds, cracked wheat, barley flakes, oat flakes, flax seeds, millet seeds, canola oil, fresh yeast, yeast extract, salt, sugar, malted wheat flour, enzymes, ascorbic acid), cream cheese, lamb meat, eggplant, bechamel sauce (milk, flour, butter, garlic, salt and pepper), goat's cheese, onions, red peppers, rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper.


Serves 2-3 depending on desired portion size


Nestled in the woods of the Gatineau Hills, Restaurant Les Fougères has won multiple regional and national-level awards since opening in 1993 for its dedication to culinary excellence and the exploration of regional ingredients and flavours. 

Pizza - Quebec Lamb with Eggplant, Red Pepper + Goat Cheese - SALE (Best Before August 27th, 2022)
1288 1588

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