Thanksgiving dinner has never been so quick, easy or delicious! Our Thanksgiving Dinner meal package includes:


- Our from-scratch turkey dinner casserole: Snyder's Heritage Farm diced turkey breast with roasted parsnips, sweet potatoes and butternut squash, simmered in a rich turkey gravy and topped with buttery cranberry stuffing (large - serves 4-6)

- Garlic mashed potatoes (2lb - serves 4-6)

- Butternut squash, ginger + apple soup (900ml - 2 large bowls or 4 small cups)

- A ciabatta demi baguette 

- Ready-to-bake pumpkin + white chocolate scones (yields 8 scones)

- A dozen maple shorttbread


With our complete heat-and-serve feast, you can enjoy spending more time with friends and family without all the prep!


All frozen meal packages are packaged in a branded thermal bag.

Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Package - Large (Serves 4)

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