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Buzz Hot Honey was developed in collaboration with Chef Christine Flynn, bestselling cookbook author and executive chef at iQ Food Co (Fun Fact - Chef Christine worked at DSG in the very early days!) Buzz is bright, floral, and spicy, and is so much more than just a chili-infused honey!

Canada No. 1 wildflower honey from Niagara, Ontario is infused with a blend of chilies, spices and herbs like Aleppo pepper, lime leaf, and lemongrass. We also added a dash of vinegar to punctuate the sweetness and make Buzz the versatile pantry hero you're sure to love.

Try it with: stir-fried veggies, as a condiment or dip on a cheese board, in a cocktail, on pancakes, fried chicken or warm feta or Brie cheese, or dolloped onto hot buttered cornbread.

Buzz Hot Honey

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