Mango White Balsamic Vinegar

Our Mango white balsamic vinegar is a true-to-fruit version of the mango fruit that is enjoyed across the Mediterranean. This fruit vinegar is both rich and velvety with a natural sweetness that projects rich, bright, and sweet flavors.

Pair it with any citrus olive oil for a delicious salad dressing, or drizzle it over yogurt and fruit. Or try it with Mexican Flavours olive oil for a sweet and spicy marinade, or as the base of a tangy fresh salsa!


  • Blend with our Persian lime olive oil and stir into yogurt, top with granola & fresh fruit
  • Pour over fresh fruit salad
  • Drizzle into ceviche or fruit salsas
  • For a delicious salad dressing – mix Blood Orange or Lemon olive and drizzle over shredded chicken, sliced mango, red onion, sliced green onions and sesame seeds
  • Gently reduce by half over medium-low heat and use as a glaze for shrimp, chicken or pork
  • Add it to your favorite cocktail and mango lassi!

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